Sunday, May 26, 2013

Welcome Sister Constansia!!

Sister is studying in Manitowoc, WI,
 at our Motherhouse.  
She stayed with us two weeks 
gaining classroom experience.  
Sister's home is in Tanzania.

Sister received a birthday crown
in gratitude for her time with the children.

Honestly, Sister Constansia worked 
in the classroom, yet, the only pictures captured 
were those of her other experiences here on mission!

Sister enjoying the animals of Bapchule!

Enjoying a game of Hand and Foot!

A serious game...

An experience in driving!
Sister Carol giving instruction!
Too much fun!!

Thank you Sister for coming to visit!!
You are welcome anytime!

We also are grateful for all the beauty 
with which God graces our mission.

 Full Moon in the evening sky.

Wispy cloud formations!

A thirsty Hummingbird!

Bapchule has become a wildlife sanctuary, both healing and raising different animals.  Our newest addition is Quackers who arrived on a bus!  Enjoy the pictures and video!

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