Sunday, November 3, 2013

From Pumpkins...
         To All Saints...
              To All Souls...
                   The Sisters Celebrate 
                          the Season of Fall.

Sisters carving pumpkins...

Complete Concentration

EWWW!!!  Pumpkin Guts!


One more final touch...

I kept all my fingers!

The final products!

Even the goats did some of their own carvings.

All Saints Day...
The Sisters pray with all the Saints.

Saint Helen pray for us.

Saint Theresa of the Little Flower pray for us.

Saint Charles Borromeo pray for us.

Saint Barbara pray for us.

Saint Catherine of Siena pray for us.

Saint Martha pray for us.

Saint Francis pray for us.

 Let's celebrate with good food and company!

 The Saints greet us at the table.

 All our Saints...Pray for us.

The Sisters gather to pray for All Souls.

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