Sunday, September 1, 2013

St. John's Indian School
2013 Reunion
August 31, 2013

St. John alumni, Sisters and
students of St. Peter Indian Mission School
 celebrated the legacy of
St. John Indian School.

Below are pictures of how the 
church and schools grounds looked
once upon a time.

Many of our Sisters taught at St. Johns
for many, many years.

St. John's Catholic Church
Students from St. Peter Indian Mission
Catholic School line the steps.

An inside view of the church.

Father Ed celebrated the Mass
Altar servers from St. Peter Indian Mission

Students at St. Peter's were invited to sing the National Anthem
and patriotic songs for our veterans at the reception that followed.
A bit camera shy we would say. :)

Images of the former covent where 
our Sisters lived.

Dining and kitchen area

Central courtyard

Sister's Bedroom

Laundry Room


Front Entrance

Statues located on the grounds

The tomb of Jesus

The Pieta

 St. Peter Indian Mission School students and Sisters enjoying
the outdoor reception.

Indoor Reception followed at the Boy's and Girl's Club.

Happy REUNION to ALL!!
God Bless You!

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