Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Honoring Our Heroes

The past week at St. Peter Indian Mission School was one of remembrance.  

Students first took part in a Cultural Day organized by the culture teacher Ms. Harrison.  

Students honored and remembered the Huhukam, their tribal ancestors, in a march to the cemetery.

Returning from the cemetery, students gathered in the front courtyard and took part in traditional dancing.

As soon as the traditional songs began, students joined the dancing, inviting classmates and teachers alike to participate!

On Friday, students gathered in St. Peter Church to honor the United States Veterans across the years.  

Classrooms supported troops from all eras wearing their red, white and blue Polo Shirts.

Veterans on the reservation were invited to attend the ceremony, including Monsignor Ed.

Students sang songs, giving due respect to all veterans from WWI to our most recent involvement in Afghanistan. 

After the prayer service, each student shook hands with each veteran, thanking them for their years of service and presenting them with cards of appreciation.

Students then escorted the veterans to the cafeteria for a turkey dinner in their honor.

St. Peter's honors all those who have touched our lives, within our own community and beyond, the past and the present.  

Thank you for your HEROIC LEGACIES.
God's blessings to all of our heroes.


  1. What a wonderful way to teach honor, respect and gratitude. May God bless each of you for honoring our veterans.

  2. There is no doubt that JOY is part of your Franciscan life together!!! Thanks so much for the posting!