Saturday, October 12, 2013

There She BLOWS!!

What happens when a pickaxe meets a water pipe?
?     ?     ?
?     ?     
?     ?     ?
?     ?
?     ?     ?
?     ?

You guessed it!!
Welcome to the newly, unexpected River of St. Peter's!!

In an attempt to add flowers to our gardens,
a slight set back occurred.

One of our grounds crew men now goes
by the name of

While trying to turn off the water...
another pipe burst in the back of the library. :)

There is rarely a dull moment here on the mission!

"Want to go for a swim?"
"You first!"

Reflections of St. Peter Church

Even St. Francis was praising sister water!
Can you spot his reflection?

"There was no forecast for rain??"

Enjoy the videos below documenting the event!

In about 45 minutes, the water came to a stop.
We are now drying out here in the desert!!
It's all good in the Bapchule hood!!

The community of St. Peter Indian Mission gather to celebrate with the Sisters the passing of St. Francis.

 Sisters pray silently before the statue of St. Francis.

Sister Elena reads a reflection on the life of St. Francis.

 Each Sister lights a candle reflecting 
the light of the life of St. Francis.

Celebrations followed in the dining room!

SING to the GLORY of the LORD!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Last Judgement

Please enjoy the attached video
of our school Mass.
The First Grade Class was in charge!
They did a WONDERFUL job!!